Code of Professional Conduct for Members of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ)

SFÖ’s Code of Professional Conduct lays out the rules that shall be followed by all members of SFÖ in their work as professional translators and suppliers of language services. Each member of the Association pledges to follow this Code of Conduct upon admission to the Association and upon renewal of their membership of the Association.

These rules have been laid down to create and promote good collegial relations between the members of SFÖ, and to consolidate the reputation and penetrative power of SFÖ and its individual members in professional contexts, in society in general, and in relation to other translators’ organisations

1. General rules

Members of SFÖ shall:

a)  act in such a way as to uphold the dignity of the translation profession,

b)  safeguard the purpose of the Association, namely to be a smoothly functioning organisation based on cooperation and common values,

c)  pursue their profession in such a way that confidence in, and respect for, the translation profession is maintained and promoted,

d)  treat all documents and information obtained from clients as confidential, both during and after completion of their commission, unless otherwise agreed,

e)  not use confidential information obtained through their work for their own gain, and not use such material for any other purpose than that specified in the commission,

f)  refrain from any action or behaviour that may have an injurious effect on SFÖ or on the interests and reputation of its members.

2. Competence

Members of SFÖ:

a)  shall work actively to maintain and improve their linguistic proficiency and other skills relevant in the pursuit of their profession,

b)  shall consider carefully whether their own competence, capacity and other qualifications are such that each commission can be carried out in a professional manner. If this is not the case, the client must be informed immediately. This applies to any other translator or supplier of language services engaged by a member of SFÖ,

c)  who engage other translators or suppliers of language services must ensure that these have the necessary competence.

3. Professional role

Members of SFÖ shall:

a)  not accept or stipulate conditions that are in conflict with this Code of Conduct, themselves or regarding any supplier of language services they may engage,

b)  ensure that individual translators or companies mentioned in tenders or other marketing information have given permission beforehand for their names to be used in this way,

c)  inform clients immediately if the agreed conditions of delivery cannot be met,

d)  implement this Code of Conduct in the pursuit of their profession. In cases and conditions not covered by this Code of Conduct, members of SFÖ shall behave professionally and in keeping with the spirit of this Code of Conduct.

4. Infringement of this Code

Reports from a member of SFÖ or a third party concerning infringement of this Code of Conduct are to be submitted to the Ethics Board, where they will be dealt with accordingly.

5. Changes to this Code

Changes may be made to this Code of Conduct by the AGM.