Hans Näslund - Curriculum Vitae

I am now retired after many years of working at Lund University, Sweden. I have been a university administrator since 1967, so my professional experience is almost entirely related to university administration and planning, and to some extent also to administration of international cooperation in research and higher education. For some years in the 1970's, I was head of the research division in the secretariat of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen. For almost ten years from 1977, I worked as an administrative director of the Medical Faculty at Lund University.

In 1989, I was appointed secretary of a national government commission on higher education (chaired by the then Rector of Lund University Håkan Westling), which published its final report in 1992. Before that, during 1986--1989 I was seconded to the Nordic School of Public Health in Gothenburg (Göteborg) as an administrative director.

From 1992 on, I have been working in various capacities in the central administrative offices of Lund University, the last years in the Planning Office, and 1993--1999 in the Office of Evaluation. I have been involved in drafting a number of strategic planning documents, e.g. the Strategic Plan of 1995, and the 1997 Information Technology Plan. I have also been responsible for subsequent evaluations of the ICT development at Lund, e.g. the CRE ICT evaluation in 1999. In 2000, I was the local coordinator of a European benchmarking programme on University Management.

In the academic year 1998/99 I participated in a postgraduate course on Institutional Management and Change in Higher Education organised (as distance teaching) by the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) at the University of Twente (The Netherlands).

In 1999, Lund University entered a European Strategic Alliance for ICT in Higher Education - EUNITE - where I was a member of the Steering Committee from the start.

In 1999, I was also responsible for the local organisation of a European university conference - the 21st EAIR Forum 22--25 August 1999.

Selected publications, reports, memos, etc.

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