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Hans Näslund
Who am I?

I am now retired from a life-long career as a university administrator in Sweden, and for the last decade I have been able to realise an old dream: to work as a translator, which I am now doing full-time on a professional basis.

My experience as a translator covers translations to Swedish from English, German and Russian, and also from our Scandinavian neighbour languages, Danish and Norwegian. I am also used to expressing myself in English.

An important part of my previous professional life has been investigations and committee work in both large and small-scale projects.

My background

My educational background is a master's degree from 1961 with Russian, Scandinavian languages, and Literature as major subjects. A part of my educational background is also an unfinished course in German. I have always had a keen interest in linguistics, and in the 1980's I had the opportunity to take a one-year course in Tibetan. Later I have studied Latin and Sanskrit part-time. Although I don't have a formal university degree in English, I have been using English extensively in my work. I have drafted a large number of documents in English, and made translations to English. Some information on my previous professional life can be found here, in a short CV (with examples of selected publications, reports, memos, etc).

My professional life has involved both practical administrative duties and investigative work. A large part of my duties has been to draft small and large memos and reports; I have also worked as a secretary in two major national committees on higher education, where I carried the main responsibility for drafting the committee reports. I believe I can truly say that excellence in writing is my best asset.


During my years as a professional translator, I have acquired an extensive experience of technical and commercial translations. Some examples can be seen here.

I have also translated some ten or twelve books, from English, German, Danish and Norwegian (
see the list here). In the 1960's I translated a short story by Yevgeny Yevtushenko from Russian into Swedish; it was published in a collection of modern Russian prose (Ny rysk prosa, 1964). One reviewer found the translation "strikingly elegant".

I am a member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators and of the Swedish Translators' Centre.

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